lørdag 8. august 2009

Hi Beverly!

This is for you, Beverly! I’d wish I had a complete translation program to submit all items in my blog to you! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize me on the photos! If you scroll, you’ll se a lady in a pink outfit, sitting on a table, that’s me! And, if you search for the horse name Caruso, I’m always the one along with him, and on his back. In all, I’m the most profiled person here, I don’t want to profile others too much without their permission. So scroll along and enjoy, to find new (old) pictures! Just remember to klick the photos to enlargen them!
Love, Randi
Beverly lives here, and Randi lives here.

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  1. (on behalf of Beverly, because I just loved this e-mail statement)!
    Randi you amaze me - I finally got a opportunity to look at your blog again with the Clovis highlight...you are so clever. I enjoyed my visit about Bergen as well. I did not realize your population was 250,000. This world is getting smaller and smaller. Our town is quite unique here in the valley. It had been a small ag/cowboy town until about 10 years ago. Then they put in a new north/south freeway that has altered that scene greatly. We now have more than 90,000 people here. Hope you all had a wonderful vacation time. Kare will be retired before you blink your eyes. Take care and continue to have a wonderful time on your blog. Love, Beverly


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